About Us

Rick Simmons, president of AvMar Marine Glass is a specialty glass industry veteran. He formed AvMar Marine Glass in 2000, because he recognized a need in the industry to utilize technological advances to improve the quality, speed and performance of the installations. AvMar Marine Glass quickly established itself as an industry leader through their pioneering spirit.

Since that time, the professionals at AvMar have become well-known for their innovative approach to employ the most technologically advanced 3-D digitizing system to create detailed scans of each project. No other company simply has the capabilities to create the quality and precision measurements of AvMar Marine Glass.

Their attention to the smallest details, pro-customer service attitude, careful planning and prepping of each project, combined with custom adhesive formulations, set AvMar Marine Glass apart from anyone in the industry.

“We treat glass as a unique system for each project we take on,” said Rick Simmons, President. “We evaluate the specific needs, application and environment to create the ultimate fit, security and longevity of every job. We give a five-year warranty against leaks and bond failure—no one else in the industry offers that.”